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Mega Soccer Accumulator Tips Today

Free 1X2 football mega accumulator tips prediction for today! You are looking for the best treble bets for today´s soccer matches? Take a look at our daily mega acca´s. Everday you will find the best 1×2 betting tips based on stats, odds & injuried players. We try to win big with a small stake. Therefore we put four matches in our mega acca to maximise the wins.

Mega Accumulator Tips » SA/SU

Sa, 15:30 | 1. Bundesliga – Germany

Bayern -1,5

Bayern – Union Berlin

1,43 Best odd at mystake


Bayern in a good shape and very strong at home. Union in a terrible shape and big problems when playing away.

Sa, 18:30 | 1. Bundesliga – Germany

Stuttgart to win

Stuttgart – Bremen

1,41 Best odd at mystake


Stuttgart in a very good shape. They are also very strong at home. Bremen with big problems in defense. They also are very bad when playing away.

Su, 15:00 | Premier League – England

BTTS – Yes

Chelsea – Brighton

1,57 Best odd at mystake


Chelsea with a very offensive playing style at the moment. Both teams dont need many chances to score a goal. Both teams also with problems in defense.

Su, 17:30 | 1. Bundesliga – Germany

Leverkusen to win

Leverkusen – Dortmund

1,63 Best odd at mystake


Leverkusen in a brutal shape. They won every homegame this season so far. Dortmund this season often with bad performances. Especially away and against top-teams.

Possible Win: 51,59€*

*10€ Stake


Mega Win Acca´s for the Weekend

Premier League Mega Win Acca » Round 14

16:00 | Saturday, 2nd December 2023

Arsenal wins

FC Arsenal - Wolverhampton Wanderers

1,28 Best odd at mystake


Arsenal leaders in the Premier League. Undefeated at Emirates Stadium (5-2-0). Wolves lost away twice in a row.

21:00 | Saturday, 2nd December 2023

BTTS - Yes

Newcastle - Manchester United

1,68 Best odd at mystake


Newcastle 18 Premier League goals after 7 home games. Red Devils scored 10 goals after 4 competitive games. Both teams have a lot of quality in attack.

16:00 | Saturday, 25th November 2023

Over 2,5

FC Chelsea - Brighton & Hove Albion

1,54 Best odd at mystake


Chelsea 6 times in a row without a clean sheet (5x more than 2.5 goals). Blues 8 goals conceded after 2 games. Seagulls 10/13 Matchdays "Over 2.5".

18:30 | Saturday, 25th November 2023

Man City wins

Manchester City - Tottenham Hotspur

1,29 Best odd at mystake


Skyblues won 5/6 home games. Best Premier League offense. Tottenham lost 3 times in a row

Possible Win: 42,71€*

*10€ Stake


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Bundesliga Mega Win Acca » Round 13

20:30 | Friday, 1st December 2023

both to score? Yes

SV Darmstadt - FC Cologne

1,61 Best odd at mystake


Darmstadt 9 out of 12 Bundesliga games "BTTS - Yes" (11x not kept a clean sheet). FC Koln 12/12 games didn't keep a clean sheet. Both clubs need a win. 

15:30 | Saturday, 2nd December 2023

Wolfsburg not lose

VfL Bochum - VfL Wolfsburg

1,42 Best odd at mystake


VfL Bochum remained winless in 11/12 Bundesliga games. Wolfsburg has the stronger squad. Most recently won against Champions League participants RB Leipzig

18:30 | Saturday, 2nd December 2023

Over 2,5

VfB Stuttgart - Werder Bremen

1,51 Best odd at mystake


VfB Stuttgart 10 out of 12 Bundesliga games "Over 2,5". Werder Bremen has been "Over 2,5" in 9/12 Bundesliga games. 

17:30 | Sunday, 3rd December 2023

both to score? Yes

Bayer Leverkusen - Borussia Dortmund

1,45 Best odd at mystake


Leverkusen has the second best offense in the Bundesliga. 12/12 match days more than 2.5 goals. Dortmund last 4/5 competitive games “Over 2.5”.

Possible Win: 50,05€*

*10€ Stake


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La Liga Mega Win Acca » Round 15

14:00 | Saturday, December 2nd, 2023

both to score? Yes

Girona - Valencia

1,81 Best odd at mystake


Girona 32 goals after 14 matchdays (best offensive). Last 4/5 game days “BTTS”. Valencia 7/7 away games not keeping a clean sheet (5x BTTS).

18:30 | Saturday, December 2nd, 2023

HC Real -1

Real Madrid - Granada

1,51 Best odd at mystake


Real Madrid won last 3/4 home games with HC -1. Second best offense with 31 goals. Granda in a relegation zone. Second weakest defense.

18:30 | Sunday, December 3rd, 2023

X2 Villarreal

FC Sevilla - FC Villarreal

1,60 Best odd at mystake


Sevilla FC have been winless in their last 11/12 competitive games. Ramos and Navas with red card suspension. Only 2 wins after 13 match days. Villarreal 2 competitive wins in a row

16:15 | Sunday, December 3rd, 2023

Under 2,5

FC Barcelona - Atletico Madrid

2,11 Best odd at mystake


Last 5/6 duels less than 2.5 goals. Atletico Madrid second best defense. Barcelona third best defense

Possible Win: 92,26€*

*10€ Stake


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Serie A Mega Win Acca » Round 14

18:00 | Saturday, December 2nd, 2023

Lazio to win

Lazio - Cagliari Calcio

1,61 Best odd at mystake


Lazio is very strong at home. Won last 5/6 games at Stadio Olimpico. Cagliari Calcio is away winless in this saison.

20:45 | Saturday, December 2nd, 2023

Milan to win

AC Mailand - Frosinone

1,44 Best odd at mystake


AC Milan placed 3rd in Serie A. Won 8 out of 13 matchdays. Clearly more successful on defense. Frosinone lost away 4 times in a row.

20:45 | Sunday, December 3rd, 2023

X2 Bologna

US Lecce - FC Bologna

1,35 Best odd at mystake


Bologna are unbeaten in their last 12/13 competitive games. Lecce 10/13 game days without a win.

20:45 | Sunday, December 3rd, 2023

BTTS - Yes

Napoli - Inter Mailand

1,64 Best odd at mystake


Napoli last 4/6 matchdays "both score - Yes". Last 6/7 home games "BTTS". Inter have the best Serie A offensive with 30 goals. Napoli scored 26 times.

Possible Win: 51,32€*

*10€ Stake


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More Football Accumulator Predictions

Every Mega Acca Prediction with explanation

As with the best betting tips for today, our experts will briefly explain to you why we have put the tips in our Mega Accumulator.

For the most part our recommendations are based on data such as suspended players, team form and head to heads. Unlike our Acca of the Day, we will always include at least four games in our combination bet.

For betting slips with higher odds, you should check out our Correct Scores Acca’s. There you will find well-founded tips on high betting odds, as with our Over 2.5 Acca’s.

The most important factors for our tips:

  • How is the team in shape?
  • Are important players injured or suspended?
  • Are there certain trends in H2H?
  • How high are the betting odds in relation to the probability?
  • How strong is the team in the home stadium?
  • How strong the team is away from home
  • Individual quality of the teams based on the market values

Advantages and disadvantages of mega acca´s

Building mega accumulators involves combining a huge number of selections into a single bet, creating the potential for significant returns. Sounds good?

The problem is, that mega acca´s also increases the risk, as all selected outcomes must be correct for the accumulator to win. When constructing mega accumulators for today’s football matches, consider the following factors:

  1. Thorough Research:
    • Conduct in-depth research on each match, including team form, recent performances, player injuries, and any other relevant news. Thorough research is crucial for making informed selections.
  2. Limit the Number of Selections:
    • While mega accumulators often include many selections, it’s important to strike a balance. Including too many selections increases the risk of one outcome letting the entire bet down. Consider focusing on a reasonable number of well-researched selections.
  3. Diversify Bets:
    • Mix different types of bets within the mega accumulator to diversify risk. For example, you could include match outcomes (1X2), both teams to score (BTTS), over/under goals, and other markets to create a more varied bet.
  4. Consider Double Chance and Draw No Bet:
    • Including Double Chance or Draw No Bet selections can reduce the risk by covering more than one possible outcome in a match. This increases the chances of winning, albeit at lower odds.
  5. Analyze Team Form:
    • Evaluate the current form of teams, both home and away. Consider how well they have been performing in recent matches and whether there are any notable trends.
  6. Pay Attention to Injuries and Suspensions:
    • Team news, especially information about key players being injured or suspended, can significantly impact the outcome of a match. Stay updated on the latest team news before finalizing your selections.
  7. Factor in Motivation:
    • Consider the motivation of teams in their respective matches. Teams with something to play for may exhibit different levels of effort compared to those with little at stake.
  8. Weather Conditions:
    • Keep an eye on weather conditions, especially for outdoor sports. Weather can affect the style of play and potentially influence match outcomes.
  9. Home and Away Performance:
    • Analyze the home and away performance of each team. Some teams may have a strong home record but struggle on the road, and vice versa.
  10. Understand the Odds:
    • Be aware of the odds offered by bookmakers for each selection. Assess whether the odds accurately reflect the perceived probability of the outcome occurring.
  11. Bet Responsibly:
    • Mega accumulators can be high-risk bets, so it’s crucial to bet responsibly. Set a budget for your betting activities and avoid staking more than you can afford to lose.

Remember that while mega accumulators can be exciting, they are inherently challenging to win. It’s important to approach such bets with caution, conduct thorough research, and be realistic about the potential risks and rewards involved.