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1X2 Tips & Predictions for Today

1X2 Predictions for today´s football matches! Daily sure homewins, draw´s or awaywins. The experts from will figure out which 1X2 bets are the best today. We also want to explain every 1X2 tip to you so that you can form your own opinion about each bet.

Weekend´s tips & acca´s for european top-leagues

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Best 1X2 Tip of the Day » 20.12.23

We, 20:30 1. Bundesliga – Germany

Bayern to win

Best odd at mystake

  • Bayern with way better individual quality
  • In better shape
  • Wolfsburg very bad at home at the moment

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Your big advance: Unlike several popular football tip sites like Soccervista show the daily 1X2 tips are always without reasoning, we explain you every prediction.

Our Strategy will focus the team performance in the past weeks, Head to Heads and Injuries + Suspensions. With all of these Combinations we show u everyday, which 1X2 Accumulator Tips for today have the biggest Winning Probability. Our target: To find the 1X2 Odds with the highest Value.

Today´s & weekends football accumualtors

The importance of home & away form

The difference between home and away form is a significant factor in football betting, especially for 1X2 bets (betting on the outcome of a match – win, draw, or loss). Home advantage is a well-established phenomenon in football, and teams tend to perform better when playing in their home stadium compared to away games. However, the extent of this advantage can vary.

Here are some considerations:

  1. Home Advantage:
    • Teams generally have a higher win percentage when playing at home. The comfort of familiar surroundings, support from home fans, and other factors contribute to this advantage. It’s common for bookmakers to adjust their odds to reflect the home team’s advantage.
  2. Away Form:
    • Examining a team’s away form is crucial for understanding its overall performance. Some teams may struggle away from home, while others might be adept at getting results on the road.
  3. Team Form:
    • While home and away form are important, considering a team’s overall form is equally crucial. This includes recent results, goal-scoring patterns, defensive solidity, and any notable trends.
  4. Quality of Opposition:
    • Assess the quality of the teams a club has faced both at home and away. For instance, a team with a strong home record against weaker opponents might struggle away against tougher competition.
  5. Injuries and Suspensions:
    • Team injuries and suspensions can have a more significant impact on away form. A squad’s depth and the ability to cope with missing players can influence performance on the road.
  6. Tactics and Style of Play:
    • Some teams may adopt different tactics or playing styles when away from home. Some might play more defensively, while others may still go for an attacking approach.
  7. Historical Trends:
    • Consider historical data and trends for a specific team regarding home and away performance. Some teams consistently perform better or worse in certain conditions.

In summary, both home and away form are essential factors to consider when making 1X2 bets in football. While home advantage is a significant factor, team form overall, the quality of opposition faced, and tactical considerations also play crucial roles. It’s essential to analyze a combination of these factors to make more informed predictions. Additionally, staying updated on team news and any recent changes can provide valuable insights into a team’s current state and potential performance in an upcoming match.