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Free soccer predictions for tomorrow & weekend

Bet Predictions for Tomorrow! You found the best betting tips for today and you are looking now for the hottest Odds & bets for the next 24 hours? Take a look for the best Football Tips & Predictions for the upcoming day!

Weekend´s tips & acca´s for european top-leagues

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Best Football Tips of the Day » 27.11.23

00:00 Liga Pro - Ecuador
Barcelona SC Guayaquil

Barcelona to win

1,30 Best odd at mystake

Vitibet -:-
Top-Trend In 4/4 correct score tips is a homewin predicted
  • Barcelona SC with way better shape & quality
  • This season very good at home (5-1-0) and 9:3 goals
  • Guayaquil very bad playing away (0-1-5) with 2:11 goals

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15:00 FNL - Russia
Makhachkala Torpedo

Makhachkala to win

2,04 Best odd at mystake

SoccerVista -:-
Vitibet -:-
Top-Trend In 3/3 correct score tips is a homewin predicted
  • Makhachkala overall three wins in a row and four homewins in a row
  • Topredo in bad shape and away nine games without a win
  • They also have to travel 1.900 km for this awaygame

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16:00 Premier League - Ukraine
Dnipro Odessa

Dnipro to win

1,62 Best odd at mystake

SoccerVista -:-
Top-Trend In 4/4 correct score tips is a homewin predicted
  • Dnipro in a great shape with 7/8 wins overall.
  • They also won three homegames in a row
  • Odessa bad momentum & 5/6 awaygames lost since august.

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19:00 Superliga - Denmark
Silkeborg Midtjylland

Over 2,5 Goals

1,82 Best odd on qbet today

 In 2/5 correct score tips is are over 2,5 goals predicted
  • Silkeborg scored 14 goals in their last six matches
  • Midtjylland overall 4/6 games with over 2,5 goals
  • 6/7 H2H´s since 2022 had minimum three goals

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20:45 Ligue 2 - France
Angers Caen

Angers to win

2,15 Best odd on qbet today

In 4/5 correct score tips is a homewin -1,5 predicted
  • Angers lost only one of their last nine games
  • They also won five homegames in a row
  • Caen did only win one of their last six awaygames

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1X2 trendsGet the best 1X2 football tips for today based on stats & forms
21:00 Premier League - England
Fulham Wolverhampton


3,25 Best odd on qbet today

SoccerVista -:-
In 1/4 correct score tips is a draw predicted
  • Both teams in similar shape
  • Both teams also with similar quality
  • Last season both games ended with a draw

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We research important key-stats or factors like injuries & suspensions to check all mathematical trends.
21:00 Primera Division - Spain
Girona Athl Bilbao

Over 2,5 Goals

1,66 Best odd on qbet today

SoccerVista -:-
In 3/4 correct score tips are over 2,5 goals predicted
  • Girona with a very offensive playing style at home
  • There has been 47 goals scored in 13 Girona games so far
  • Last season both H2H´s had minimum three goals.

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Upcoming football accumualtors

Popular Football Predictions for the weekend

Check out the mathemtical trends for the european top-leagues by forebet, predictz, winddrawwin and many more. Which bets have the highest winning probability based onf these kind of soccer tip sites? We have reserached the soccer tips for the upcoming matchday.

Advantages and disadvantages to place bets days in advance

Placing bets for tomorrow or a few days in advance can have both advantages and disadvantages, and the decision to do so depends on various factors. Here are some considerations for every tipster to keep in mind:


  1. Better Odds:
    • In some cases, odds offered by bookmakers might be more favorable several days before an event than closer to the match. If you can identify value bets early, you may secure better odds.
  2. Early Access to Information:
    • Placing bets in advance allows you to take advantage of information that may affect the odds. This includes news about player injuries, team strategies, or other relevant factors.
  3. Market Movements:
    • If you can predict how the odds might change as the match approaches, you may be able to place bets at more favorable prices before they adjust.


  1. Injury and Lineup Uncertainty:
    • Player injuries and lineup changes can significantly impact the outcome of a match. If you place bets well in advance, you might not have the latest information on these factors, leading to a higher level of risk.
  2. Weather Conditions and Venue Changes:
    • Factors like weather conditions or venue changes can affect the outcome of outdoor sports. If these conditions change after you’ve placed your bet, it could impact the accuracy of your prediction.
  3. Unforeseen Events:
    • Unexpected events, such as a key player falling ill or other unforeseen circumstances, can occur in the days leading up to a match, making it difficult to accurately predict the outcome.
  4. Bookmaker Limits:
    • Placing bets too far in advance might be subject to lower maximum bet limits set by bookmakers, especially for less popular events. This could restrict the amount you can wager on a particular bet.

In summary, while there can be benefits to placing bets a few days in advance, it’s crucial to weigh these against the potential drawbacks. If you have access to reliable information and believe that the odds will move in a direction favorable to your bet, early betting might be advantageous.

However, if there’s significant uncertainty or if key information is likely to change, waiting until closer to the event might be a more prudent approach. As with any betting decision, thorough research and consideration of relevant factors are essential.