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Fivethirtyeight Predictions, Review & Rating

 About Fivethirtyeight NFL & NBA Ratings Fivethirtyeight Predictions
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About Fivethirtyeights Bet Predictions & Features in Detail

Important note

To get the current Fivethirtyeights tips for today in comparison with other mathematical predictions you can visit today´s football predictions of the day where we daily research for the most consistent tips.

Fivethirtyeight Site in Detail

Fivethirtyeight is an online mag with sport predictions

Fivethirtyeight does not look like a classic bet prediction site. That´s because it is an online magazine of abc news. Besides sports they also publish articles about other topics like politics, health & more. However, Fivethirtyeight has an NFL & NBA calculator that is very popular among US sports fans.

The fivethirtyeight predictions are really good and indicates winning probabilities for the individual games. These calculations are based on statistics and power ranking. But where can you find the NFL & NBA predictions on Fivethirteight? What is the Powerranking in detail? And are other helpful features on fivethirtyegitht in addition to the sportsbook generator?

We took a closer look at Fivethirtyeight and will tell you all you need to know about fivethirtyeight and theire sports predictions.At the end we will present you similar sports calculators and compare the winning rates & stats.

What is Fivethirtyeight?

Like we mentiod before, fivethirtyeight is an only news mag by abc. Daily the publish articles about politics, sience & health, economics, culture & sports. The last point is the one which is relevant for us. Because here you get a lot of informations about all big us sports league. But you get even more.

Click on sports and scroll down. In the right sidebar you see current nba & nfl predictions (If it´s on season). Even Club Soccer Predictions does fivethirtyeight calculate. With a click on one of these predictions you come to the internactive part of fivethirtyeight. This is the main sector we focus on. Because on project.fivethirtyeight you get a lot of scientific basedsports predictions & stats.

Fivethirtyeight Interactive

Project Fivethirtyeight details

Polls, predictions & stats on Fivethirtyeight Interactive

When you visit project.fivethirtyeight you see a trendy design with different topics. Mostly the articles are about sports trend´s, votes & predictions. Here you can choose between current NBA Predictions, Club Soccer Predictions & Different Rankings.

In addition to that you can view polls about current politics & more. But if just visit fivethirtyeight to get inspirations for your betting tips then you should conctrate on the team rankings & predictions. Click on the topic you are interested in and you will get a lot of usefull informations for the current NBA & NFL Match Ups.

Untypical for an US Website: You also get very worth knowing stats & infos for european soccer. To see the latest Champions League Predictions or calculations for the national competitions click on “Club Soccer Predicitons”. After that you will be suprised big in detail fivethirtyeights go´s with theire ratings & predictions. But how do the different sports ratings work?

Fivethirtyeight Ratings

The base of all sports predictions by fivethirtyeight is the Team Power Index. FiveThirtyEight’s SPI Rating gives every team an offensive rating and a defensive rating. On index rates the amount of goals the club will score & on the amount of conceded goals against an average team (on neutral field). After that, more facts like home, away & last performances are added.

Fivethirtyeight calculates every season the SPI new. The basis for that are the latest results from previous season & value of new/gone players which they take from Furthermore the SPI Ratings changes every matchday. This is based on performance, results, adjusted goals, shot-base expected goals and non shot expected goals.

Which Sport Predictions can you find on Fivethirtyeight?

Fivethirtyeight Picks & Calculations

NBA, NFL & Soccer Predictions on Fivethirtyeight

Similiar to the US Sport Calculator DRating you can find on fivethirtyeight predictions for the NBA, NFL, MLB or Club Soccer. Fivethirtyeight gives you even more options for the daily betting predictions. Because on NFL or NBA you can even swtich between to differen forecasts. That´s because Fivethirtyeight uses a new algorithm with the name “carmelo” to predict the matches. You can see currents predictions by this or the old generator which is name “elo”.

In addition to that you can even loog for long term calculations. This means that fivethirtyeight calculates the different sports with the monte carlo method. As you can see fivethirtyeight offers a lot of sports & systems for the predictions. We try to explain every calculation-system easy as possible.

Tip: Scroll through the current topics at projects.fivethirtyeight. There are some interestings vots & stats which can help you in other thing you might want to bet on (political betting).

Elo Forecasts

The Elo Rating system was invented for the chess sport. There each player is given a rating depending on strengths and weaknesses. These values ​​change depending on the results of the last direct duels. If one player wins against the other one he gets more points.

The other will be deducted points. How many points are given & deducted depends on the difference between the forecast and the result. In 2014 this system was introduced for the NBA, NFL and more by Nat Silver, responsible for statistics at Fivethirtyeight, and Eulen Fischer-Baum.

Carmelo player projections

The elo rating had problems to interpred games of NBA teams which where save in the playoffs an may conserving energy for important games weeks later. Thats why Silver & Fischer-Baum worked on an system to interpred those & more facts for the NBA predictions. The CARMELO player projections by fivethirtyeight is the result of that update.

CARM-Elo is based on every nba player´s career history and tries to find similar careers compared by player stats in the past (Talent Rating).

The most simillar player careers in the past are taken as an template. On this base they try to figure out a tendency how the player´s strenght will grow in the future. For those players they also track & compare performances in games which are very important and in games which not matter much. Hundrets of facts & stats are taken for every player.

NBA & NCAA Predictions on Fivethirtyeight

Fivethirtyeight is special and goes deep with theire sports calculations. It is even so deep that you can choose your NBA Predictions for two different forecast systems. So if you click on NBA Predictions you have the oppertunity to choose between the Carmelo Player Projections or the pure Elo forecast.

If you choose the Carmelo calculations there is the option to take a look at the standings & longerterm predictions. Here you can see the curren carmelo strenght, the full strenght and the carmelo based calculations. Fivethirtyeight shows for each team the generated chance of making the playoffs, chance of make the finals & winning the finals.

Fivethirtyeights NBA forecasts for tonight in comparison to DRating

Allongside all of this you can switch from standings to games for you see the winning probabilities for tonight´s matches on carmelo basis. As we told you it is possible to switch the nba predictions from Carmelo Player Projections to the Elo forecast. Here you can see different values for every team.

So it is possible to take a look at the regular season elo value, one week change, and longterm predictions of making the playo-offs, making finals or winning finals. Furthermore you see stats like the projected points difference and the season record.

NFL Predictions on Fivethirtyeight

The NFL Predictions are only based on fivethirtyeights elo ranking. So in opposite to fivethirtyeights NBA predictions you can not switch from elo two carmelo predictions in the NFL section. Thererfore you can a few other features you can use here.

For example: If you want to see fivethirtyeight´s best nfl predictions for tonight you can switch from the longterm predicions to the game predictions. Here you can see and compare the elo point spread to the bookie spreads. In addition to that you can take a look at the winning probabilty for each team.

If you switch back to the NFL standings you can get more usefull infos. Because there is a weekly update for every teams elo rating. Moreover you can see the generated Playoff Chances for every eam week by week.

Here you can difference between make divison round, make conference champ and make or winn Super Bowl. Allongside all of this you see every Team season record and the wwekly changes of the elo value.

MLB Predictions on Fivethirtyeight

Similar to the Fivethirtyeights NFL Predictions you get an overview of Team Ratings & more based on elo for the MLB. If you look for the current standings you get infos about every MLB Teams elo rating, one-week chance and calculaions for make the division series, league champ & world series. With a click on “Games” you see the best MLB predictions for tonight. Here you get the values for the chance of winning.

Furthermore fivethirtyeight shows you the pichter ratings. Moreover you get the point for the travel, rest & home field adjustment. Fivethirtyeight combines these values with the team rating. As a result you get a overview of the different values and it´s easier for you to understand how the values came about.

Football Predictions on Fivethirtyeight

Similar to Forebet you get a list of several football calculations for today. For that you have to click on “Club Soccer Predictions”. After that you an overview of the current soccer calculations which can you sort by starting time or league.

Next to the popular Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga or Serie A you get football tips for League One or German 2nd Bundesliga. In the match list you see the percentage how the probabilities is for a home, draw or away win.

On the next three columns you get even more infos. Fivethirtyeight shows you the value of harmonic mean of the teams (quality of both teams). Next to that you get the values how important the match is for the league & each club. Last column shows the average of the first two values.

Comparison of today´s soccer predictitions from fivethirtyeight with forebet

Very Good: Fivethirtyeight goes into detail when they explain how the computer picks work. If you have the time: here you can read the whole explanation. Be careful it´s a lot of text. This is a big plus, because it´s transparent for the visitor. Other football calculators like betstudy dont explain theire users how the algorithm works.

More betting helps by Fivethirtyeight

Fivethirtyeights offers the user a large number of statistics & data for each sport. But are there any other features & betting aids that could be useful to the user?

Sport News

Fivethirtyeight presents a lot of bookmakers on its homepage. If you visit Fivethirtyeights and do not come from the US, they are probably very unknown to you. Fivethirtyeights is an US betting tip site. That´s why you only find Reviews for US Bookies.

You can read Sportsbook reviews on GTBets, Nitrgogen Sports, BetAnySports, Youwager, SportBet & more. In addition, you can look at the five best rated bookmaker. To read the reviews in the main navigation go to the menu item “Sportsbooks”

Similar Sites to Fivethirtyeight

Fivethirtyeight offeres betting calcuations for different types of sport. This reminds us to ProgSport or Vitibet. This are bet calculator where you also get different calculations for sports besides football.

The big difference between Fivethirtyeights and Vitibet/ProgSport is that you get even Bookie Reviews on Fivethirtyeights. Fivethirtyeight is also similar to Fivethirtyeight. Because on Fivethirtyeight you also get calculations for US Sports.

Fivethirtyeight Pro´s & Conra´s

Advantages summarized Disadvantages summarized
  • Fivethirtyeight explains in detail how the metrics works
  • A lot of facts are inlcuded
  • Collects & interprets data of over 550,000 matches (!)
  • Season forecast (Monte Carlos system with simultates every league 20,000 based on the stats & rating)
  • Values of possible outcomings & other facts are shown
  • Ratings are updated every week
  • Over 100 Soccer League
  • You can choose between carmelo & elo calculations (two different systems) for the NBA & NFL Predictions).

Visit Fivethirtyeight

  • No Betting Previews
  • Visitors can´t use a match/statistik centre to understand the forms or values for each game
  • We miss NHL Predictions


Fivethirtyeight is together with DRating one of the most transparent betting calculators in the internet. They explain the computer predictions & calculations in detail. They collect data´s & informations only from reliable sites. In addition to that you can even check the winning rates in comparison to other bet calculators.

In addition to that you get a lot of informations & key stats for the us sport. Thumbs Up!