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Stakehunters Predictions, Review & Rating

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Review about Stakehunters Bet Predictions & Website in Detail

Important note

To get the current Stakehunters tips for today in comparison with other mathematical predictions you can visit today´s football predictions of the day where we daily research for the most consistent tips.

Stakehunters Site in Detail

Stakehunters provides own Tips & Predictions by Bettors

Sports Previews, Tipster Competition, User Picks & Betting Guide. This are only a few features Stakehunters provide. As you can see, there are a lot of tools & offers you can use at Stakepartners. At first it reminds the visitor to betting sites like olbg or betshoot. Because this are also bet portals where tipster publish betting predictions and more.

But Stakepartners works a bit different. Where is the difference between these sites? How good is Stakehunters in comparison to similar betting tip sites? How does they work in detail and are there more beeting advice you can use?

We try to answer als these questions. takes a closerlook at stakehunters, explain theire tips, rate the site and give you our opinion about it. We give you tips & tricks in using and tell you for which sport predictions it is particularly suitable.

How does Stakehunters work?

Stakehunter system reminds us to bettingexpert. Because most of the tips you can find there are written by the user´s. The big difference to olbg or bettingexpert: Stakehunters give every tipster the oppertunity to sold theire tips for money. So in opposite to Picksandparlays everyone can sold his tips. They track & summarize every tipsters picks and list them to show the visitor´s where it could make sense to buy tips.

That´s why you sometimes have to pay if you want to see tips by bettors with the highest profit. That means also that you have the oppertunity to earn money for your tips. Sign in, explain & share your tips. If your winning rate is good, it is possible that some visitors would pay money for your picks.

If you want to pay for tips, the monthly prize you have to pay depends on the tipster and the profit he mades. Stakehunters also takes ten percent comission. However, you also have a lot of daily free tips you can look for. In our opinion it´s not necessary to buy tips from the best bettors. Because with a bit knowledge you can estimate if the free tips are good or not. Moreover Stakehunters teaches you and give´s a lot of tips & tricks to increase everyones profit.

Tip: Click at the Header on “Top”. After that you see the current best tipster´s. Here they also list bettors with high winning rates whose tips you can follow for free.

Betting Previews by Stakehunters

Stakehunters Betting Previews

NBA shares own betting previews (mostly for the NBA)

Besides the daily bet predictions by the bettors, stakehunters also provides own betting previews & tips. Just click on “Sport Previews” to see the current bet tips by stakehuntes. It is very noticeable that most of the predictions are written by Nikos Laugouretos. He has especially good knowledge about the NBA. That´s one reason why the mostly NBA betting previews are written. Sometimes you also get good football previews which are written by David Auls.

Sometimes you also get bet previews for horse racing events. Every preview summarizes team forms, good odds, suspensions and injuries. You get a deep analyzes of the game/event. At the end you get betting recommendations & reasons for every tip. We like that section but unfortunately you get not much previews per day.

Note: There are no betting previews for Tennis, Ice Hockey or the NFL. The focus here is clear on the NBA and partly football.

Tipster Predictions

Stakehunters Tips by Users

Stakehunters Tipster publish daily picks for almost every sport

Much more sports predictions do you get in the tipsters section. With a click on “Tips” in the header menu, you see all predictions by stakehunters bettors in an overview. Most of them are free, some of them not. Mostly the analyzes you have to pay for are from the most profitbale tipsters.

In this sector you get hundret of active tips per day. In these lists you see the match, stake, competitions, best bookie and tipster. Mostly the free tips are by bettors which dont make profit in the longrun. But that does not say that the predictions are bad. With a click on every match you get a short explanation for the reasons of every user for his recommended tip.

After that you have to decide if you are in agreement with that analyze or not. You also can filter by sports. So if you only want to see Basketball Tips in general select Basketball and so on. You also filter by free, paid & tips by variefied users. You also can sort all tips by newest, highest odds and more.

Tip: Filter the table by winning user´s AND free tips. After that you only see tips by user´s which are in longrun profit. In this way you also get really good predictions by tipsters which don´t want money for theire tips.

Football Predictions on Stakehunters

Most of the tipster predictions are for the football. To see today´s football picks with the highest winning rate, you should filter the table by winning user´s & soccer. After that you see all football tips by stakehunters bettors. With a click on the match you can read the tipster´s reasons for his tip. Because of the many english user´s you mostly get premier league & championship predictions. Furthermore there are many soccer tips for the german bundesliga or serie a.

On a tuesday or wednesday you also get a whole bunch of current champions league picks. While you can filter by different types it is unfortunately not possible to sort the table by competiton. That means you have to search for the team or league you want to see the recommentions for.

Note: Press Ctrl + F on our tastatur. After that type in the competition you want to get the football tips. After that the league you look for is highlighted.

Other Tipster Predictions on Stakehunters

Beside football tips, which are published most of stakehunters tipster, you also get a lot of other sport predictions for everyday. Especially Tennis Tips are provide very often. There are several user´s which publish WTA & ATP Predictions everyday. Next to Tennis you also get often picks for tonight´s NHL games and ice hockey tips in general.

We recommend to don´t filter the daily tips by sports. Because sometimes there are really good insider tips for random sports which you may never would have found with that filter. It would take a lot of time to filter tips by MMA, Rugby, Darts, Lacrosse or Cricket. Stakehunters Bettors analyze a lot of sports where sometimes profitable tips are published.

More betting helps by Stakehunters

There are a lot of betting advices which especially helpful for betting beginners. Choose in the header menu the tab “Guide”. After that you see very useful articels & advice to increase the profit of you bettings. From Top 5 Tips for being a better tipster, to mistakes you should avoid. Stakehunters publish really useful content in this sector. Also good is the “News” sector where you get infos about cool offers or other things which are new at Stakehunters.

Also you get infos about tipsters and more. Alongside all of this you get infos about almost every bookie. Reviews, summarized pro & cons for every bookies help you to find the best sportsbook which is suitable to you.

Similar Betting Prediction Sites to Stakehunters

Stakehunters is a betting predictions site for you get free tips and paid picks. This is similar to the us tip site oddsshark. This is also a betting tip portal where free & paid picks are provided. But in opposite to Stakehunters you get way more us sport picks for the NFL and more. Bettingexpert or Betshoot also sites where you get tipster betting previews. Here all tips are for free,

Stakehunters Pro´s & Contra´s

Advantages summarized Disadvantages summarized
  • Tipster Stats in Detail
  • Daily tips for every sport
  • Most of the Picks by the Bettors are with explanation
  • Own Betting Previews
  • Can filter tip tables by free tips, winning rates & more
  • Bookie Reviews
  • Helpful Content & Advices in the Betting Guide
  • You have the oppertunity to sold your tips

Visit Stakehunters

  • You can´t filter tips by competition
  • No Match Stats
  • You have to pay for some tips
  • Only usable in english


Stakehunters is an innovative an really good betting tip sites in our opinion. Well, in one way it is negative that you have to pay for some tips. But in the other way you also have the oppertuntiy to sold an earn money for you own predictions.

Moreover there are a lot of bet predictions by user´s with a good winning rate which are for free. In addition to that you get a lot of betting advices & bookie reviews. In our opinion Stakehunters is a daily visit worth.

Stakehunters Rating & Benefit


Explanation of Bet Previews/Algorithm)


Stats (Streaks, Home/Away effort & more)


Match Infos (Ref, Suspensions, Injuries & more)


Tips (Range of Sports, Bet Types)


Range of Leagues & Cups per Sport


Tools (Odds/Bookie Comparison & more)


Usability (Languages, Ads)