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Betshoot Predictions, Review & Rating

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Today´s best Football Tips by Betshoot, Informations & Review

Important note

To get the current Betshoot tips for today in comparison with other mathematical predictions you can visit today´s football predictions of the day where we daily research for the most consistent tips.

BetShoot Tip & Site Infos

On Betshoot you can find very good betting analyzes by user

There are many sports betting sites on the internet like bettingexpert, where daily predictions are only made by the users. Among them is the very popular site Why is this page particularly popular? We will have a look at it. What kind of sports predictions are offered on Betshoot? Are there any special offers?

We will present you the positive as well as the negative aspects of Betshoot clear and easy in a table. How successful are the tipster here? What kind of prices do the tipster get? All of these information you will get in the article below. We will also show you interesting features of Betshoot.

And did you know that you can give it your thumbs up or down for their user predictions? Additionally you can comment on the predictions. We will also show you a betting page that is set up quite similar and draw a conclusion.

What does Betshoot offer?

Betshoot offers every visitor to register a free account on their page. However it is a little hard to find. First you have to click on ’Tipster Competition’ and then ‚Fill in the form’. With your application you need to write your own analysis. Once you are registered you can publish your own predictions.

You also have the possibility to comment other predictions. If you are writing your own previews you take part in the tipster competition on Betshoot where you can win free money monthly. In opposite to other sports betting pages can you interact also without your own account. You can rate predictions while giving it your thumbs up or down. Very positive analyses are presented separately.

Your look for similar sites?

Best Football Prediction Sites for fee

On top you can see on Betshoot all soccer, tennis or basketball games that day. You only have to click on ‚Today’s Matches‘ and select your sport. When you click on the ‚Droping Odds‘ you see the dropping and rising quotas. The odds that have fallen are red and the ones slightly dropping are beige. The odds are refreshed every three minutes. In the menu you also have the opportunity to sort the bets from Both to score to Asian Handicap Variant.

On ‚Latest Previews‘ you will find an overview of the last eight user articles from each off the sports and tournaments. The tables are sorted by tennis, MLB, NFL, NBA, Football, Europe or Champions League. To find the right sports betting provider Betshoot offers Bookie reviews. However the selection is limited with only 10. The reviews are very detailed and you have the chance to comment.

What kind of sports predictions can you find on Betshoot?

Betshoot match previews in detail

Compared to other tip sites, the user analyzes are very detailed

Betshoot is based in Greece and has hence many European users and visitors. Because football/soccer is so popular in Europe you mainly find football predictions here. But other sports are also regularly offered. There are also many tennis, basketball, ice hockey and baseball previews online.

Sometimes even NFL tips. On their front page you can already see the sports betting tips. They are divided between football betting tips, tipster football tips and other sports betting tips. On top you will find the most recent football betting tips. As with every other tip you will see the date, the match, the editor and the odds.

The result is added belated. The speech bubbles behind the editor reveal the amount of comments. In front of the match you see the country’s flag which symbolises the respective league of the match. The users can click on the match to read a comprehensive analysis. And everyone here has the chance to rate the tip.

Football Predictions on Betshoot

Football wise Betshoot offers everything you need. You get daily Soccer Picks for world wide leagues. every European Top-League like the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Champions and Europe League are there of course.

Also there are many previews of lower leagues like the Scottish Premier League, 1. HNL, Serie B, Challenge League or for the Primera Division from Venezuela. Very popular are the English leagues. Among them there are sports betting tips until the fourth league. As soon as there is football event, you can write a prognosis on Betshoot. Even during the week when there is usually not happening too much you will find many betting tips on Betshoot.

Tennis Predictions on Betshoot

Tennis is among Europe one of the most popular sports, what you will also notice on Betshoot. Today´s Tennis tips can be seen when clicking on other sports betting tips. For the major events like the Australien Open, French Open, Wimbledon or the US Open many users make numerous prognoses.

But also many WTA or ATP tournaments are analysed by the users. Not often but sometimes there are also tennis tips for challenger tournaments. There are no daily tennis predictions but the users can definitely have some fun here.

NBA Predictions on Betshoot

Basketball is not that popular in Europe. However, on Betshoot you will find at least one analysis a day. The most known basketball league is the NBA, which is why most of the previews are in referring to the National Basketball Association. Especially during Play Off’s users become active.

Besides the NBA bet previews there are also other basketball leagues referred to on Betshoot. Quite often you will find tips for the basketball Europe League.

NHL Predictions on Betshoot

The most popular ice-hockey league in the world is the NHL. Among others sports betting tips you can find tonight´s NHL Predictions on Betshoot. Similar to the basketball predictions there is daily at least one ice-hockey tip on Usually its a tip that refers to the National Hockey League. Sometimes you can also find predictions to the KHL or DEL, however that is only rarely.

Other Sports Predictions by Betshoot

You all know sports like football, tennis, basketball and ice-hockey but what about all the other sports? On Betshoot you can also find daily baseball analyzes, usually for the most known baseball league in the world, the MLB. During the NFL season there are also daily NFL previews written on Betshoot. Very rarely you even find darts predictions. Then the main focus is of course on the Darts Premier League and the PDC World Darts Championship. Not often you find analyses about handball, cricket, golf or horse-races.

Tipster Competition on Betshoot

Betshoot Tipster Competition

Best Users get monthly prices

On Betshoot you will find a very interesting and free feature, the tipster competition, which is similar to olbg. Already on the front page you will see on top the button ‘tipster competition’. Under this category you can register a free account on Betshoot and take part. Every month the top 5 users will receive  a payout of 300€ on Skrill and 100$ on Pinnacle. The Skrill payout structure is as following: 1st 70€, 2nd 65€, 3rd, 60€, 4th 55€ and 5th 50€.

The first 8 tipster each receive 25$ on their Pinnacle account. The competition rules are clearly structured and explained in 20 points with no room for speculations. The winner of the challenge is the one who has the highest profit at the end of the month. Every participant has to place at least 10 tips to a quota of 1,30 or higher.

It is only allowed to place a tip for the same game. The prognosis has to be released at least three hours prior to the beginning and has to be written in English. All rules and regulations you will find here.

User Rankings

The monthly leaderboard you can already see on the homepage’s sidebar. Here you can see the Top 8 Tipster all at once. To see the detailed list, you have to click at ‚show all users’. Below you can see the winner of the month before. You can also see the monthly leaderboard when you click at the ‘user ranking’ up top. There you can see the ratings from the current month, on hot streak and the all-time list.

At the all-time list there are two users especially interesting. Mrgol is a lot ahead of Alcuni, and there is a big gap between him and the third place.At the on-hot-streak list you will see the top 10 in-form tipster. The statistics take the last 20 predictions into account.

So how is the current profit composed? That is easily explained. The profits are measured in units. Every tipster has the possibility to determine their own stake. The stake is ranging from 1-10. One example: User a is placing a bet for a for a away win of Manchester United against Manchester City. The bookies have set up a quota of 2,50 with a stake of 10. Now you have to calculate 2,50 – 1,00 and you will get 1,50. The 1,50 you multiply with your stake, in this case 10. So with an away win of City you would receive 15 units.

More betting helps by Betshoot

The main focus o Betshoot is on the predictions by their users. Hence, many betting helps are not offered. However, when looking at dropping odds you will find useful live tables of falling and rising football odds. In case you can’t decide for a bookie, Betshoot offers a little overview of ten different sports betting provider.

Bookie Reviews & Offers

With only once click from the front page you go straight to the bookie reviews. Here you have the possibility to find the best bookie for you. Soon you will realise that Betshoot picked bookies that are very popular in the UK and Scandinavia. All of the sports betting provider reviews are comprehensive, easy to understand and informative.

Similar Betting Prediction Sites to Betshoot

If you interested in pages like Betshoot, you will for sure also like Bettingexpert. There the users can also place betting tips and take part in a competition. Since the user community on Betshoot is rather smaller, your chances to win money are higher. Olbg is also a popular site where tipsters share a lot of predictions. Same applies to stakehunters. But here the big difference is that on stakehunters not all tips are for free.


To sum up, as a user you feel very good on Betshoot. The community is not too big, but that is particularly tempting. Football wise this page is very comprehensive. However other sports are presented a little to little. The page is very clear and everything can be reached by only one click. Within the tipster competition you can compete with other users with some luck/skills you can win money.

How good is Betshoot?


Explanation of Bet Previews/Algorithm)


Stats (Streaks, Home/Away effort & more)


Match Infos (Ref, Suspensions, Injuries & more)


Tips (Range of Sports, Bet Types)


Range of Leagues & Cups per Sport


Tools (Odds/Bookie Comparison & more)


Usability (Languages, Ads)



  • Betting tips are shown very clear
  • Tipsters write comprehensive analyses
  • Predictions can be rated by the users
  • Users have the opportunity to comment on Picks
  • Monthly tipster competition
  • Smaller community, higher chances to win
  • Live football odds tracker
  • No ads that bother you


  • In comparison, other types of sports are analysed rarely