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DRatings Predictions, Review & Rating

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Review about DRatings Bet Predictions & Features in Detail

Important note

To get the current DRatings tips for today in comparison with other mathematical predictions you can visit today´s football predictions of the day where we daily research for the most consistent tips.

DRatings Features & Infos

DRatings explains the calculations in detail

DRatings is a very popular betting calculator for the NBA, NHL, NFL and many other us and european competitions. In addition to DRatings computer predictions which even include european soccer, there are worth knowing rankings for the most popular leagues and other useful tools. DRatings calculates the most important factors for every league.

These Factors can vary depend on the sports. But how does DRatings work exactly? How do you have to interpret the rankings of DRatings? Are there other features which could be useful for you? will take a closer look at the Computer Ratings & Predictions. Furthermore we will check the winning rates and explain the methodology to you in detail. In addition, we will examine the navigation for other useful tools. In the end, we will compare DRatings with similar bet calculators and give you our opinion about DRatings.

How does DRatings work?

DRatings works and combines two different methods to calculate the possibilities for every match outcome. Basis for the first method are a lot of statistics for each team. This is namend “standart rating” and inlcudes the last performances of each team. In addition the standard rating collects & interpretes other factors like the RPI, strength of schedule (SOS) & more. However, this are normal betting statistics which you know from other betting generators like the popular football calculator forebet. But the second method is very complex.

This is the inference rating. It reminds a bit to the maximum-lkelihood-estimation.

For example: Chicago Bulls win against the Dallas Mavericks with nine points or more. Now, chances are big that the Bulls will win with a bigger spread against teamswhich have lost to the Mavericks. However, this is not the only parameter that is included for the estimates.

There are many more statistics that partially relate to the DRatings externally. So DRatings collects data for the NCAA and NAIA from Peter Wolfie.

Big Plus: You can check the winning rates of DRatings Predictions on This makes the daily DRatings Picks very transparent for the visitors. On this page you can compare DRatings Picks & Winning Rates with other calulators like ESPN BPI and more.

Donchess Inference Ratings

DRatings System in Detail

There are different Ratings & Rankings for the US Sport

You want to see the latest DII ratings? Then take a look at the main navigation which is placed in the header at Go with our mose to “Ratings”. After that, the menu will collapse and you can see the Donchess Inference Ratings for the NBA and NFL. Unfortunately there are no Donchess Inference Ratings for the NHL.

When you have selected the DII for the sport you want, you will see the a table with the average values. The teams are listed according to rank. In the first column you can see the current ranking with the name of the NBA or NFL team. Right next to it you see the season record of the respective team and the overall rating. This is composed of the SOS, Standart, Aegis & Vegas Rank.

Very good: You will see which team has risen or fallen in rating in recent weeks. In this way you can also better assess the current form of each team.

NHL Goalie Ratings

There is a very special list for the NHL. The so-called Goaile Rankings shows you how successful the teams are with their respective goalkeeper. This is particularly important to be able to assess the results when a team plays without the first-choice goalkeeper.

The goalie rankings are based on several factors. The RateEff shows you the impact on the team rating relative to the goalkeeper. The WPEff how the probability of the game result changes with or without goalkeeper.

TGEff shows the average considered goals. Another key value is the “Points Above Replacement”. This shows how important the goalie was for his team. The average wins or with and without the first choice keeper in relations to the average goalie. At last you see the overall rating.

Which Sport Predictions can you find on DRatings?

DRatings Picks in Detail

DRatings Predidctions in Overview

On DRatings you will find mathematical and statistical calculations for many different sports. So you can watch current NBA and college basketball forecasts. The same applies to the NFL and College Football. In addition, there are weekly calculations for the current games of the MLB and the MLS: In addition, DRatings calculates the current games of the NHL.

Cool: European football fans can even look at the calculations for the UEFA Champions League and other national football leagues. These include the German Football League, the English Premier League, the Italian Serie A, the Spanish Liga BBVA and the French Ligue 1.

Special: DRatings shows you even calculations for Womens College Basketball & Football.

NBA & NCAA Predictions on DRatings

With a click on Predictions you see a list with the current Basketball Picks. DRatings NBA Predictions for today in comparison to betting previews can help you to figure out how good the nba picks you choose really is. Because on the daily Table where DRatings lists the NBA Picks you see a lot of usefull infos.

At first you get infos about the Match Date & Matchup. Next to this DRatings shows you the best Odds & Spreads by bookies for each game. After that you see the calculated Vales for Match-Win, the Score Predictions and the expectation of total goals.

All these values are calcuated with the Inference & Standard Ranking we explained you before. So you can be sure that this are really good benchmarks. You also can see current calculations for the College Basketball Games. For that you have to click on NCAA Predictions. For the NCAA Predictions DRatings uses the Bracketology.

NBA Level 1 extras

In addition to that Extra Factors from DRatings Level 1 are inlucde in the NBA & NCAA Calculations. These Facts are Home Field Advantage, Back-to-Back game lethargy & starting/injuried players.

NFL Predictions on DRatings

Weekly DRatings calculations for the NFL & College Football. DRatings shows you a list with College Football & NFL Computer Predictions for the current Matches. On Season you get for every week a list with the current Matches of every Conference.

Next to the Match Up you get a Overview of the current Spreads & Odds by Betonline, Bovada & 5Dimes. Next Coulum you see the probabilities in percentages for the match winner. In addition to that DRatings predicts the correct score & the total points.

NFL Level 2 extras

Besides the inference & standard rating, DRatings includes an additional rating system for the value of every team, injuries & advanced player breakdown for every NFL & College Football Prediction.

Note: When it´s off season you can´t get any rating infos & nfl predictions in the main navigation of DRatings.

NHL Predictions on DRatings

The overview for all current NHL Hockey Picks today are similar to the table with the NBA Predictions. You will be shown the current date and the matches. Next to it you will see the current odds of BetOnline, Bovada and 5Dimes. These are then compared to the next column with the calculated money line calculations.

By the percentage values ​​you recognize whether the respective ice hockey odds have great value or not. In the other columns you will see the number of expected goals.

These are divided separately by team. At the end you will see the expected number of goals for each NHL match. When you scroll down you get infos about yesterdays predictions & tomorrow´s nhl picks. You can also check the NHL Record and Points Projection.

Level 3 extras

Allongside all of this you get extra facts which DRatings considers in theire NHL Calculations. They name this Level 3. It contains the end of the season tanking factor, betting metrics, injury player analysis & spread analysis.

Football Predictions on DRatings

Football´s popularity grow´s up in the USA. That´s why DRatings presents calculations for the MSL Soccer & the biggest european Football League. Switch to the League of your choice and you get the best soccer predictions of the current matchday.

Then you´ll see a list with today´s games and the odds for Money Line & Over/Under Lines. Next to that you gelt the calculated values for the Match Winner inlcusive a score prediction. At the end you can see the probabilty of total goals.

MLB Predictions on DRatings

MLB is very traditional in the USA. On DRatings you get the all computer predictions for current mlb games. Furthermore you can go into detail in every match. You can see a lot of stats like the Team Breakdown. This includes average values of runs per game, runs against per game & more. Allongside all of this you can even see a pitching breakdown.

There you get general stats of the team´s pitcher. Facts you get are the Pitch Hand, Starts, Record, ERA & WHIP. At the end you can take a look of the excpected weather & last team performances.

More betting helps by DRatings

DRatings offers the user a large number of statistics & data for each sport. But are there any other features & betting aids that could be useful to the user?

Bookie Reviews & Offers

DRatings presents a lot of bookmakers on its homepage. If you visit DRatings and do not come from the US, they are probably very unknown to you. DRatings is an US betting tip site. That´s why you only find Reviews for US Bookies.

You can read Sportsbook reviews on GTBets, Nitrgogen Sports, BetAnySports, Youwager, SportBet & more. In addition, you can look at the five best rated bookmaker. To read the reviews in the main navigation go to the menu item “Sportsbooks”

Current odds & blog

On DRatings you can see the current odds for today. In the menu item “Odds” you can see the current estimates of the bookmakers for American and European sports. Furthermore you can get comapre the odds.

Moreover DRatings also explains terms such as side bet, juice or money line. Important: All odds on DRSports are displayed in American form. This could be a bit confusing for European visitors. Allongside al of this DRatings also have a blog where you can find articles about bookies & reviews.

Similar Betting Prediction Sites to DRatings

DRatings offeres betting calcuations for different types of sport. This reminds us to ProgSport or Vitibet. This are bet calculator where you also get different calculations for sports besides football.

The big difference between DRatings and Vitibet/ProgSport is that you get even Bookie Reviews on DRatings. Fivethirtyeight is also similar to DRatings. Because on Fivethirtyeight you also get calculations for US Sports.

DRatings Pro´s & Conra´s

Advantages summarized Disadvantages summarized
  • Explanation in Detail how the technic works
  • You can see the winning rates of the computer predictions
  • Very transparent for the visitors
  • Match Stats in Detail for the MLB
  • NHL Goalie Rankings
  • Different Key Facts for every Sport
  • Tons of informations & stats

Visit DRatings

  • No Betting Previews
  • Only Level 1 for the NBA


In our opinion, DRatings is one of the best betting calculators in the internet. Mainly because the computer picks are transparent for the user. DRatings explains in detail how everything works.

In addition to that you can even check the winning rates in comparison to other bet calculators. In addition to that you get a lot of informations & key stats for the us sport. Thumbs Up!