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Infos & details about the betting calculator

Important note

To get the current Tennisprediction tips for today in comparison with other mathematical predictions you can visit today´s football predictions of the day where we daily research for the most consistent tips.

BEST TIPS TODAY BEST ACCA´S TODAY Website Infos is full of usefull info´s

There are a lot for betting calculators on the Internet. While most the most betting prediction sites focus on football, this site stands for tennis. Because at the name is program. A look at the start page is enough to get a lot of information about the world of tennis. So you have on the front page today’s tennis predictions in a clear list. In addition, you can filter the games depending on the competition.

Even a player can be filtered out with just a few clicks. But how does work? On which criteria does the mathematical algorithm relate? How can you interpred the tennis calcuations for today? Are there some more interesting features which help´s to increase your profit in relation to tennis bets?

We try to answer these and other question for you in this review. will take a closer look at Also we try to explain you the functions and the advantages of this site. At the end also compare with similar tennis calculators like Foretennis or ProgSport.

How does work?

It is a pity that does not explain his algortihmus exactly. Because it is difficult for the user to understand on which statistical bases the probabilities are calculated. According to the FAQ, the probabilities of the game exits are influenced by many different criteria. Which factors influence the algorthm most is not explained. A look at the statistics shows that provides a lot of information and filters.

Therefore, we assume that the computer has a large amount of high quality data that it processes. For example, should take part in Foretennis. There, the individual factors that are calculated by the system are named. This would help to understand how the probabilities of the tennis predictions.

Tennis bets & picks on

While Foretennis calculates the correct set score, only calculates probability for the game winner. Take a look at the list of games on the start page. In the last two columns on the right you can see the winning chance for every match.

What we particularly like: The percentages of the calculations are placed next to the tennis odds of the bookmakers. In this way you can estimate with one click which odd has valuable potencial and which not.

Note: calculates even Matches from the ITF & Challenger Tour. This is absolutley unique & a big plus in compirason to foretennis or progsport.

Tennis Statistics Features on Match Centre

You can compare H2H´s, Court-Stats & more

As we told you there is a list with today´s tennis predictions. If you are a punter and want more informations for the match klick on the info sign on the right. This forwards you to the match centre where you can filter the choosen game for many stats. For example: If you have choosen a Match between Djokovic and Rafa Nadal you can do a lot of things.

Filter the stats by the court. Every player has different performances on hard court, grass, indoors or clay. Let you show the performance of each players in a period of your choice. Compare the players by ranking points or via heat map. Alonside all to this you can check the H2H´s and how the player has beaten the tournament in the past few years.

World ranking points and fever curves make the shape of the players clear to you. In addition, you can compare current match odds for each game and the course. So you can understand wich odds have fallen and which have risen. This is filtered depending on the provider. In our opinion the match stats are very informative in relation to progsport.

Note: There is information about player´s strenght & weaknesses. If you want to know player´s serve hand or shape you should better take a look at

List with current injuried players

Very cool: You can look which players are injuried at the moment. So if you want to bet on the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon or US Open you can check out which player was injuried just before tournament start. In this way you know that the player is not in best shape at the tournament.

Negative point: You get no information what kind of injurie the player has. There is also no info about when the player will make his comeback.

More betting helps by

For tennis fans, there are a few helpful features on So you can watch the latest tennis livescore for all ATP, WTA & ITF Games in the world. Because offers a tennis livescore from Furthermore you get infos where you can watch current tennis streams. Other tools such as bookmaker reviews or sportsbook guide we searched in vain.

Similar Betting Prediction Sites to

There are not many calculators that only refer to tennis games. In addition to there is ProSport and Foretennis. There tennis games are also calculated daily by a mathematical algorithm. All work with different systems. Little tip: We summarize daily the best tennis tips from the Internet together. We also compare the values ​​of today´s tennis calculation to other tennis predictions.

Note: In you category tennis predictions today we share wettbasis´s tennis tips and other match previews everyday. We compare theire tips to calculators like or progsport. Pro´s & Conra´s

Advantages summarized Disadvantages summarized
  • Very clear prediction lists
  • Calculation even for ITF & Challenger Tour
  • List can be filtered by Player & Tournament
  • Winning percentage is shown next to the odds
  • H2H, Court Performances & Forms for every Match
  • You can filter the stats by many criterias
  • You can see which player´s are injuried at the moment
  • Livescore & Stream tips


  • No bookie reviews or exclusive bonus bets
  • We miss the explanation how the algorithm works
  • Only Calculation for Match winnings (No correct set score or Total Games)
  • No Match Previews or Analyzes


There are many useful statistics on daily tennis games. You can filter every tennis game by many criterias. Biggest plus: You get very usefull insider stats even for ITF & Challenger tour matches. As a result you can easy collect usefull  information for your tennis bets today.

This means that you are in good hands at Because they share worth knowing insider facts very clear. Besides foretennis and progsport on of the best tennis calculator. You look for transparent match previews? Then we can recommend Sportytrader or bettingexpert to you.