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Vitibet Predictions, Review & Rating

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Today´s best Football Tips by Vitibet, Informations & Review

Important note

To get the current Vitibet tips for today in comparison with other mathematical predictions you can visit today´s football predictions of the day where we daily research for the most consistent tips.

About Vitibets Predictions & Stats

The starting site is filled with usefull soccer stats & infos

Sports Betting Tips Pages are very much in demand on the internet. Betting Prediction Sites that calculate a probability of winning based on statistics are particularly popular. Vitibet goes to this category of tip pages. Every day, the visitor can look at the profit forecasts for current football games and other sports. The language can be translated into 20 different languages. This ​​shows the big demand for Vitibet.

Your look for similar sites?

Most accurate Football Prediction Sites

But on what basis does Vitibet calculate today´s football forecasts? What exactly is Vitibet and what is the win rate? What kind of features are usefull and are there any other tips and tricks to use Vitibet? We will answer all these questions and introduce you to the sportsbook calculator Vitibet.

We take a close look at the menus and the FAQ. The Vitibet Index and the statistics will be explained by us. We also show you more sports betting aids from Vitibet. The winning rates of Today´s football predictions by Vitibet, forebet or statarea will be compared. As a result you get your opinion and rating for Vitibet.

How does Vitibet work?

On what basis does Vitibet work? Clicking on the FAQ gives a explanation. This is not as detailed as Fivethirtyeight but better than nothing. Two major components play a role in the unique mathematical algorithm. On the one hand, Vitibet captures the current power of the team. Here, vitibet is tracking the last results from the respective teams. Home and away results will be comprehended separately as a reference point. Vitibet combines this with the form from the last six games.

Through this path Vitibet calculates the maximum probability of winning. Which probably outcomes are calculated by vitibet? Similar to the football calculator Zulubet, Vitibet only calculates the final scores & the 1X2 bet markets.

Winning probabilities for Over / Under 2.5 will not be calculated. What does the Vitibet Index mean? As you know from soccervista, some number´s and datas are a little bit confusing. The index shows you how big the winning distance of each team is. + stands for the home team and – for the away team. The higher the index, the higher the probability of winning.

Which Sport Predictions can you find on Vitibet?

Vitibet’s focus is on football as with many other calculators. This will immediately catch your eye when you visit the site. Because right on the start page you can see a list with football tips for today and the tables of the biggest national leagues in europe. However Vitibet calculates unlike most tip pages also results for other sports. This is a big plus compared to the other bet predictor site. Because the most of them only calculate football games. So in the top menu you can switch to sports like basketball, ice hockey, handball or baseball.

Best Football Predictions by Vitibet

The list of Today´s Football Predictions by Vitibet is very big. The Bundesliga, Premier League, Serie A or Liga BBVA weekly calculated. Just click on “Football Tips” in the header menu and you’ll see an overview of all Vitibet tips for football today. In the right sidebar you then have the opportunity to only show tips for specific leagues. Here you can choose from the Champions League or Europa League to the English League Two. Mainly the results are calculated for European competitions.

Similar to the calculator, there are also calculations for the major competitions in South America. With a click on the desired league you get an overview of all soccer predictions for this competition. Vitibet shows you the calculated odds for home win draw or away win. The recommended Vitibet tip for each football match will then be a column next to it. Home wins are highlighted in green. Away victories in red. At the end, the Vitibet Index will be displayed indicating how clear the victory is.

Basketball Predictions by Vitibet

You can also view the best Basketball Tips from Vitibet for today. The calculations are based on the same principle as in the football calculation. Here are calculations for the right result, home win, away win and a Vitibet recommendation. Overall, Vitibet calculates the highest winning chances of important baskeball leagues in Europe. In addition, there is also an overview of Vitibets best NBA Picks for tonight.

Ice Hockey Predictions by Vitibet

In addition to basketball, you can also display the best tips for hockey games in the header menu. There are calculations for the games of the DEL, KHL and more. Choose in the right sidebar the league you want to see the bets with a high winning probability. Of course, today´s NHL tips calculated by Vitibet and displayed. The design and functions are similar to football or basketball.

Other Sports Predictions by Vitibet

If you look closely at the top menu you can see that in addition to football basketball and ice hockey, there is also the possibility of displaying the best handball and baseball predictions. If you want to check out the best Basdeball tips for today, simply click Handball in the top navigation and you’ll see all the tips for today. As with the other sports, you can choose between different competitions.

Shown Statistics & more Features on Vitibet

As already mentioned, vitibet shows you the probability of winning in the lists. Here you can show for the sports predictions you are research for. However, you can see more statistics about the games. For example: If you want to see more Bundesliga Stats for the Matchday, just click on the loop for each game. Then you see the last results of the respective teams in the competition. You get an overview of the statistics from which the index was calculated and the performance of the respective teams in the competition.

This statistic feature is available for all football, basketball, ice hockey, handball and baseball tips. The analyzes are clearly arranged. Thus it is transparent for each user how the probabilities were calculated. In addition, there are other small tools from Vitibet that are really useful

Best Tips of the Day

Vitibet Predictions of the Day feature

Best Tips of the Day are summarized by Vitibet

In the header menu you can take a look at the best Vitibet tips from today. There you will get a list of most likely outcomes. Here it does not matter which competition the tip came from. Depending on the size of the index and the percentage, the list will be automatically updated. In addition, you can watch the best tips of the day for individual competitions. For example, if you want to see which tips are most likely for the Champions League, you can select this contest in the navigation.

Unfortunately, you can only display the best football tips of the day from Vitibet. For the other sports, this feature does not exist yet. Should this change in the future, you will learn about it on The tips of the day are very clearly arranged. With a click on the magnifying glass you can look at the respective statistics for the hottest tips of the day.

Vitibet Livescores

You can also watch live results at Vitibet. is the provider of the tool. Here are the current results of football, basketball, handball, volleyball, ice hockey and baseball displayed. Vitibet shows the current games in pleasant blue. The results that are currently running are marked in red. End results are marked in blue. With a click on the respective result you get all game information. So you can look at who has scored the goals, whether there have been yellow or red cards and more.

More betting helps by Vitibet

Many sportsbook tip sites offer their users not only daily forecasts, but also other information that may be useful for wagering. So there are often odds comparisons, bookmaker information or sportsbook guide. We’ll answer the question if Vitibet Sports Betting can help beginners and if there are other good bets on betting.

Bookmaker Reviews & Ratings

Vitibet Bookmaker Reviews & Ratings

Top100Bookmaker ´s Ratings & Reviews are shared

Bookmaker Reviews. Vitibet is sharing really usefull bookmaker informations by the betting portal top100bookmaker. On the right Sidebar you have to click on Bookmaker Reviews to see all Infortmations you need to know. Then you can choose in the right navigation between the information you want to see. This is how you can display the bookmaker reviews. Bookmaker reviews are also available. You can have the bookies listed on the basis of various factors.

You can filter the sportsbook sites by Profit Margins, Payment Options, Languages, Jurisdictions, Currencies, Minimum Bets, Maximum Winnings & Odds Formats. As we have already mentioned, this information is all provided by the well known Top100Bookmaker site. Vitibet virtually shares this information with you. We think it’s cool because the visitor can get all the information on specific bookmakers right on Vitibet.

That saves time because you do not have to go to another website. Nevertheless, we recommend to take a look at Top100Bookmaker. Because there you can get more useful informations. User ratings and other worth knowing details does vitibet unfortunately not share.

Similar Betting Prediction Sites to Vitibet

Of course, Vitibet is not the ad that works with mathematical algorithms and calculates soccer probabilities. Similar pages are for example Forebet, Statarea or Zulubet. Vitibet has one big plus compared to the other betting calcualtors: The not only set the focus on football. In our opinion the most similar site is ProgSport. Because like Vitibet they calculate other popular sports such as basketball or ice hockey. This is not the case with Zulubet or Forebet.

Note: In the sector football tips today we summarize & compare the best soccer tips for today by all these and other bet prediction sites.


Vitibet is a really great help to find winning bet tips for today. The big advantage is that unlike other tip calculator sites, Vitibet also calculates other sports in addition to football. So if you are looking for calculated basketball tips or ice hockey tips, Vitibet is the place for you. Disadvantage is in our opinion that vitibet only consider 3-way bets. So if you are looking for calculated goal bets like Over / Under or B2S, you should check out Forebet or Kickform.

How good is Vitibet?


Explanation of Bet Previews/Algorithm


Stats (Streaks, Home/Away effort & more)


Match Infos (Ref, Suspensions, Injuries & more)


Tips (Range of Sports, Bet Types)


Range of Leagues & Cups per Sport


Tools (Odds/Bookie Comparison & more)


Usability (Languages, Ads)



  • FAQ where Vitibet is explaining the algorithm
  • Best Tips for Today in seperate Section
  • More calculated sports next to football
  • Many clear informations at the starting page
  • You can translate the Site in 20 Languages
  • Index to understand how "save" the tip is
  • Colors showing also how risky every prediction is
  • Impressive hit rate


  • No exclusive bonus bets
  • No calculations for Over/Under bets
  • Tips of the Day not shown for Basketball or Ice Hockey
  • Tips for Away teams are highlighted in red which is a bit confusing