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ProgSport Predictions, Review & Rating

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Today´s best Predictions by Progsport, Informations & Review

Important note

To get the current Progsport tips for today in comparison with other mathematical predictions you can visit today´s football predictions of the day where we daily research for the most consistent tips.

ProgSport Site in Detail

There are only a few menue items on ProgSport

ProgSport is a slightly different sportsbook calculator. In contrast to the many other mathematical sports betting sites, ProgSport focuses only sports besides football. This is something special because there are not much betting prediction sites which calculate only sports except soccer.

Your look for similar sites?

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On ProgSport the focus is on mathematical calculations on sports like basketball, tennis and ice hockey. There are a lot of calculations for most popular games of day.

The generator which was created by Neural Networks calculates the winning probability for different betting markets. Sounds especially good for betting fans of tennis or basketball. But how does ProgSport work? On which statistical bases do you calculate the sport predictions? Which statistics or other tools can be used there? What is the win rate of the daily sports predictions?

We took a closer look at ProgSport and try to anser these question. will show you how ProgSport works exactly and tries to figure out more helpful features on progsport you may not know. At the end we will compare ProgSport with other spot bets calculators.

How does Progsport work?

The menu structure is very simple. When you come to the ProgSport home page, you’ll see a list of today’s basketball tips. There you can choose between different sub-items. You can also change to tennis or today´s ice hockey predictions. In contrast to DRating we have found no menu item where progsport explains the mathematical for it´s visitors.

But as we know the algortihmus was developed by neural networks. That´s why we took a look at This is also a betting calculator by neural networks. The difference: calculations only football predictions. On ProSoccer we found more details about how the algorithm works.

Accordingly, the daily sports predictions are generated on a weekly basis by a self-developed computer software. This means that the computer system interpretes many different statistics from the database. But there is no explanation of which statistics exactly.

Neural Networks is the developer of both algorithms. That´s why we assume that the system progsport has the same basis as in prosoccer.

Which Sport Predictions can you find on Progsport?

As we mentioned earlier, ProgSport is a site for people looking for betting tips for random sports. Football forecasts are in vain on ProgSport. But there are daily forecasts for the games of the NBA, NHL or the ATP & WTA Tour. The computer generator calculates not only the winning markets. That means that you get a good insparation for many different bet types of each game.

Basketball Predictions by Progsport

You automatically see a list with the best basketball tips for the bbl, euro league & more on the front homepage. ProgSport shows you clearly the calculated forecasts for money-line, the spread and the total score. Sometimes there are even calculations for the correct score. For each bet, the most likely variant is highlighted in green. The clearer the values ​​are highlighted the safer the tip seems.

In addition, you can sort the daily basketball tips by the highest values. This is very good because you can see the safest values ​​for your desired bet above. Unfortunately, you can not filter the list by leagues or competitions. So if you are looking for today´s calculated NBA & NAAC Predictions you will have to look through the list for the respective games.

Unfortunately, you can not filter the table for individual teams of the NBA, BBL, NCAAB or more at ProgSport. Also we miss a column with current Odds. This would be great because then you can compare the values in relation calculations.

Ice Hockey Predictions by Progsport

The list of daily ice hockey tips for today is similar to basketball. ProgSport shows you all current games and the calculated probabilities for 3-Way and Under / Over 5.5 Goals. Furthermore, ProgSport makes a own tip for some games.

However, this is not the case with all games. Well, we like that ProgSport displays the odds in some ice hockey games. Because in this way you can compare the calculations and interpret the values. However, ProgSport only displays the odds for some 1X2 predictions. The highest values ​​are accompanied in green color. Filtering by games or teams is not possible.

So if you are just looking for the best NHL picks for today you will need to search the table for the teams. Unfortunately, unlike the basketball tips, you can not sort the table by the highest values.

Tennis Predictions by Progsport

ProgSport calculates a lot of Tennis Matches every day. We like that you can filter the calculations by the competitions which is not the case with ProgSports Ice Hockey & Basketball predictions. ProgSport shows in his daily Tennis Predictions List the both Players, current Rank and the Age. Very good: You also see the Service Hand and Height of each player. Furthermore bookies odds & calcuations for the game winner is shown.

Big plus: The ProgSport shows the probabiliy how many sets the player is going to win. 

Shown Statistics & more Features on Progsport

ProgSport shows worth knowing infos in the tables where the predictions of tennis, basketball and ice hockey can be seen. However, there is no match center to compare more statistics. If you want to go in detail to compare the form of the teams or more you should visit the betting calculator Vitibet. Because on ProgSport you can only use the tables as source for your informations.

More betting helps by Progsport

ProgSport is kept very simple. There are four menu items that visitors can use. These are the daily forecasts for basketball, tennis and ice hockey. Other sports betting aids such as Bookie Reviews or other are not available at ProgSport. However, this is very often the case with sports betting calculators.

Similar Betting Prediction Sites to Progsport

In addition to Vitibet & Fivethirtyeight, ProgSport is the only site that involves several sports in its betting calculations. For example, other calculators such as Forebet only generate football predictions. Very similar to ProgSport is

There you can find football predictions generated by a algorithm. As with ProgSport, the predictions generated by Neural Networks. On ProSoccer the focus is only on football.


ProgSport is a great place to find sports calculations alongside football. We like the simple menu structure. There is also a lot of useful information. Especially in tennis we like that even the service hand is displayed. This is a very unique feature wich you can´t find on other tennis calculator like foretennis. Overall we can recommend ProgSport for everyone.

Note: We compare ProgSports calculations for Tennis, Basketball & Ice Hockey with Match Predictions by other tip sites in the daily betting tip lists.

How good is Progsport?


Explanation of Bet Previews/Algorithm


Stats (Streaks, Home/Away effort & more)


Match Infos (Ref, Suspensions, Injuries & more)


Tips (Range of Sports, Bet Types)


Range of Leagues & Cups per Sport


Tools (Odds/Bookie Comparison & more)


Usability (Languages, Ads)



  • High Winning Rate
  • You can sort Basketball Tips by best calculations
  • Competitions & Tournament Filter in Tennis Predictions
  • Shows Service Hand for every Tennis Player
  • Calculations for several betting tipes
  • Highest probabilites are highlighted


  • No Explanation how ProgSport calculates the tip
  • You can´t find statistics in detail (Match centre)
  • Basketball & Ice Hockey Predictions cant filtered by competitions
  • Tennis Predictions & Ice Hockey tips can´t be sorted by highest probability
  • Very bad usability via mobile phone