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Picksandparlays Predictions, Review & Rating

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Review about Picksandparlays Bet Predictions & Features in Detail

Important note

To get the current Pickandparlays tips for today in comparison with other mathematical predictions you can visit today´s football predictions of the day where we daily research for the most consistent tips.

Picksandparlays in Detail

Picksandparlays provides free & paid expert picks

Picksandparlays was founded by Craig Trapp & Mitch Wilson and is especially in the USA a very popular betting tip site. Like we know form winnersandwhiners you have the oppertunity to read free picks and to buy betting tips by experts.

While the prizes for the expert predictions depends on the capper, the free bet previews for NFL, NBA & more are very detailed. In addition to the daily bet tips you get a lot of more features to increase your betting knowledge. But which tools can you use at picksandparlays? Does it make sense to buy theire expert picks & how good is the site in comparison to other betting portals?

We explain you how the site works, which benefit you have and which kind of sport predictions they provide. At the end you can read our opinion and rating about picksandparlays.

How does Picksandparlays work?

Picksandparlays offers Free Picks & Betting Previews for several kind of sports & Picks by Pro´s where you have to pay for. They list a lot of different experts for each sport. Every ProCapper has differen prizes. So if you take a look to the Pro Capper Leaderboard you see which Bettor has the most Profit.

Similar to Stakehunters the Prize for the Premium Picks depends on the Expert. Click on the name and you see the package & prizes you get. Picksandparlays only shares cappers which predict US Sport.

So all Premium Tips are only for the NFL, NBA, NHl or MLB. Furthermore you get deep Betting Previews for free even for Football and more sports. The best free tips on Picksandparlays are shared by us and PickPapa.

Picksandparlays Cappers & Leaderboards

Picksandparlays Cappers Leaderboards

Picksandparlays has several pro cappers

If you look for Premium Tips by experts, picksandparlays shares a lot of offers by successfull handicappers. With a click on Premium Picks you see all different packages in an overview. You have several option to increase the profit on you daily bets. Picksandparlays offers an Consensus Reports Package for 1,50 Dollar a day. Here you can see how many of over 25 pro handicappers are on each side. This Packages incldues a dynamically updaded report & several lines like spread, money line & over/under. You also can test this package for 3 days or 7 days.

In addition to that you buy season packages for double down picks. Furthermore you can see all Packages & Suscirbsions of the benefit in a list. You also can get premium tips by the founders Craig Trapp & Mitch Wilson. Allongside all of this Picksandparlays lists the current top selling packages.

Hottest Pro Capper & Leaderboards

With a click on “Leaderboards” you see the best handicapper´s in an overview. Here you can switch between all leagues and individual sport. Picksandparlays tracks every bet of the betting pro´s and summarizes theire profit. In every table you see the rank, handicapper, WLP, Pct & the Units. You also get infos about every capper & his prize packages. You also can filter the tables by period, pick type, league & season.

Every Pick of the list is based on an 100-unit bet. Best Capper´s at the moment are Stephen Nover, Ray Monohan & Scott Rickenbach. Furthermore you also can list the current hottest cappers. After that you see the Winning Stats of all Handicappers from yesterday, last seven or last thirty days.

Note: You also can get a few Picks from the Pro Cappers for free. To see these expert opinions just went to “Free Picks” in the Main Navigation and choose “Free Capper Picks”. After that you get betting recommendations from experts like Scott Rickenbach and more.

Free Predictions on Picksandparlays

Pickasandparlays Free Tips

You get free picks for several kind of sports

Besides the Premium Tips PicksandParlays also privdes a large amount of betting previews & picks for free. Even better: while you get Premium Picks only for us sports, picksandparlys publishes daily free picks for other sports like cricket, rugby and even soccer. To see an overview of the bet previews by picksandparlays just click on free picks. After that you can choose between the kind of sports you want to see current match analyzes.

In addition to the wirtten articels picksandparlays also offers an podcast. You can watch the video betting tips on the homepage. You also have the oppertunity to suscribe the Picksandparlays youtube channel. Here you have all current video picks for the NBA, NFL, MLB and more in an overview.

NBA & NCAA Predictions on Picksandparlays

Very popular are the free nba & college basketball video picks by expert handicapper Tony Brown. In addition to that, picksandparlays shares almost everyday free betting analyzes for tonight´s nba games. In every preview the form of the teams & the most important players are analyzed. Morevoer you get a lot of Player Stats and Head To Head infos. At the end of every NBA previews you get a betting recommendation with the best bookie odds.

NFL Picks by Picksandparlays

Same applies for the NFL when it´s on Season. Similar to the NBA Picks you get daily NFL Picks for free. While you can watch free NFL Video Tips by Craig Trapp on the Picksandparlays youtube channel, you get a lot of NFL articels with infos about Players, Form, Injuries and bookies odds. In addition to the NFL, Picksandparlays also provides betting picks for the Canadian Football League.

NHL Predictions on Picksandparlays

Build up in the same way as the NFL & NBA section you also get a lot of expert opinions for today´s NHL games of PicksandParlays experts for free. Besides the NHL Free Picks, you get Video Analyzes by Alex Smart. He is one of Picksandparlays Pro Handicapper and shares a lot of usefull insider knowledge for current NHL Games in his videos.

Soccer Predictions on Picksandparlays

In opposite to the Premium Picks where you don´t get Soccer Predictions, Picksandparlays share´s almost everyday football previews for free. This sector is special to other football tip section by bet prediction sites. Because the focus on Picksandparlays Soccer Picks is on the MLS. That´s because Picksandparlays is an us tip site.

In addition you get Champions League Predictions for free. In all football previews the visitor get infos about best odds, supsensions, injuries, teams performances and betting recommendations.

Other Sports Previews on Picksandparlays

With MLB Picks there is another sector where the visitor gets usefull anylzes for free. Besides the popular sports you also get Picks for Horse Racing Events and other random sport predictions. However, in opposite to the NBA or Soccer Tip Section, you get not that match betting previews for horse racing. It depends on the events & games how many free predictions you get.

More betting helps by Picksandparlays

Betting 101 and Freebets. Picksandparlays also trys to give every visitors more advices to increase the profit of theire bets. But how good are the betting guides?

Sportsbook Reviews

The Sportsbook Reviews from Picksandparlays are very special in comparison to other betting portals. While the most betting tip  sites share review´s about online bookies, picksandparlays prsent´s landbased bookies in New Jersey and Las Vegas.

From the Borgata in Atlantic City over the Ocean Resort to the Meadlowland FanDuel. If you want to visit New Jersey or Las Vegas, take a look at this section if you want to visit a landbased casino or bookie. Most of the reviews are written by James Higgs how also is one of the Pro Cappers on Picksandparlays.

Betting 101

The Betting101 is also a cool section especially for betting beginners. While the most bet sites explain the visitors betting terms, picksandparlays goes deeper. You get a lot of useful articles relating on bet predictions. Experts like Joe Duffy explain you on which things you have to pay attention wehn you bet on current NBA or NFL matches. In addition to that they try & share with you betting strategies.

Similar Betting Prediction Sites to Picksandparlays

They are very similar to Docsports where you also get free & expert picks. Statsalt is also n us port tip site where you have the oppertunity to buy tips. In addition to the Premium Tips all these sites share really usefull and deep betting analyzes for free. Winnersandwhiners shares also free & paid us sport tips. Like Picksandparlays they also offer video betting picks.

Picksandparlays Pro´s & Conra´s

Advantages summarized Disadvantages summarized
  • Deep Betting Previews for several kind of sports
  • Youtube Channel with Video Previews
  • Useful stats & infos in every analyze
  • Very Transparent
  • Several Package options for Premium Tips
  • A lot of infos & stats about every Pro Capper
  • Unique Sportsbook Reviews
  • Betting 101 is especially helpfull for beginners

Visit Picksandparlays

  • No Tennis Picks
  • A lot of Betting Tips you have to pay for
  • Prizes a very high in our opinion


Picksandparlays is a very good & transparent site to get betting picks. Especially for bettors who a search for NBA, NHL, NFL or MLB Picks should visit Picksandparlays often. It is not nice that you have to pay for some expert tips, but in otherwise you get a lot of match predictions in detail for free. In addition to that the expert picks you have to pay for are profitable longrun bettors. Thumbsup for Picksandparlays.