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Correct Score Football Acca´s Today

Free correct score accumulator tips for today´s football games! You look for calculated soccer results by forebet or predictz? Every day we analyze and compare the correct score predictions from these sites to derive hot trends. We also use these data to create multi score accumulator tips. Daily we build correct score acca´s from the most frequently predicted results.

Correct Score Acca of the Day » 20.12.23

20:30 | 1. Bundesliga – Germany

2:1, 3:1 or 4:1

Stuttgart – Augsburg

3,86 Best odd at mystake

20:30 | 1. Bundesliga – Germany

2:1, 3:1 or 4:1

Frankfurt – Gladbach

4,45 Best odd at mystake

Possible Win: 171,77€*

*10€ Stake


What criteria do we use? We only put games into a multiscore acca, where the predicted results from SoccerVista or Vitibet most often match.

Correct Score´s Acca´s for the Weekend

Premier League Correct Score Acca » Round 23

17:30 | Sunday, 4th February, 2024

1:2, 1:3 or 1:4

Arsenal - Liverpool

6,72 Best odd at mystake

21:00 | Monday, 5th February, 2024

1:2, 1:3 or 1:4

Brentford - Manchester City

3,90Best odd at mystake

Possible Win: 262,08€*

*10€ Stake


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Bundesliga Correct Score Acca » Round 20

15:30 | Saturday, 3rd February 2024

1:2, 1:4 or 1:4

SV Darmstadt - Bayer Leverkusen

3,74 Best odd at mystake

17:30 | Sunday, 4th February 2024

1:0, 2:0 or 3:0

RB Leipzig - Union Berlin

2,77 Best odd at mystake

Possible Win: 103,60€*

*10€ Stake


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La Liga Correct Score Acca » Round 23

14:00 | Saturday, 3rd February, 2024

2:1, 3:1 or 4:1

Valencia - Almeria

4,73 Best odd at mystake

21:00 | Sunday, 4th February, 2024

2:1, 3:1 or 4:1

Real Madrid - Atletico Madrid

4,38 Best odd at mystake

Possible Win: 207,17€*

*10€ Stake


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Serie A Correct Score Acca » Round 23

18:00 | Saturday, 3rd February, 2024

1:2, 1:3 or 1:4

Frosinone - AC Milan

4,23 Best odd at mystake

20:45 | Sunday, 14th January, 2024

2:1, 3:1 or 4:1

Napoli - Verona

4,26 Best odd at mystake

Possible Win: 180,20€*

*10€ Stake


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More football combination bets for today. Multi-score acca’s are too special or too risky for you? Then take a look at our safe Acca’s for today. We can also recommend today’s over 2.5 goal Acca’s.

The daily Mega Accumulator Tips are also very popular with our visitors, where we place the safest possible 1X2 bets in a large combination bet. The goal there: win a lot with little effort.

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In our football predictions today you can look at the best tips of the day with compact reasons and to build your own betting slips for a good win. Everything is free & analyzed by experts!

How is it possible to calculate correct scores in football?

Predicting correct scores in football is a challenging task due to the inherent unpredictability of the sport. Many factors influence the outcome of a match, and even with advanced statistical models and algorithms, there’s no foolproof method for accurately forecasting correct scores.

Factors which are often used by algorithm

We show you a few factors, which tips sites like Forebet, Soccervista or Vitibet use to calculate the daily football results.

  1. Historical Data Analysis:
    • Analyzing historical data, including past matchups between the teams, can provide insights into scoring patterns. Factors such as the average number of goals per game, home and away performance, and head-to-head statistics are considered.
  2. Expected Goals (xG):
    • Expected Goals is a statistical metric that quantifies the quality of goal-scoring chances. Teams with higher xG values are expected to score more goals. Analysts use xG data to assess the offensive capabilities of teams and make predictions about the likelihood of specific scorelines.
  3. Machine Learning Models:
    • Various machine learning algorithms, such as regression models and neural networks, can be trained on large datasets to identify patterns and relationships between different variables and match outcomes. These models may consider factors like team form, player statistics, injuries, and other relevant data.
  4. Poission Distribution:
    • The Poisson distribution is a mathematical model that can be used to estimate the probability of different numbers of goals in a football match. It considers the historical goal-scoring rates of teams and applies probability distributions to predict scorelines.
  5. Monte Carlo Simulations:
    • Monte Carlo simulations involve running thousands of simulations based on historical data and various input factors. This method can provide a range of possible outcomes, including different scorelines, allowing analysts to assess the likelihood of specific scores.
  6. Team and Player Metrics:
    • Consideration of team and player metrics, such as possession statistics, shots on target, defensive capabilities, and individual player performance, can contribute to scoreline predictions.

It’s important to note that while these methods can provide insights, football matches are highly dynamic, and unexpected events can significantly impact outcomes. Additionally, the accuracy of predictions depends on the quality and relevance of the data used for analysis.

Expertise in data analysis, understanding of football dynamics, and continuous refinement of models are crucial for those attempting to predict correct scores. Even with advanced algorithms, there will always be an element of uncertainty in football predictions. As with any form of sports betting, responsible and informed decision-making is key.